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Episode 1 - Scene 2

Scene 2


[CJ walks into Josh’s office with a cup of coffee in her hands]

CJ: Hey Josh [she stands]
J: Hey CJ . . . [He waits for her to speak] . . . Did you want something?
CJ: No . . .
[A longish pause]
J: Then why, are you here?
CJ: I just thought I’d pop in, see how you were doing with the thing
J: CJ, I’m really busy
CJ: I know, how’s your new assistant?
J: She’s . . . fine. She’s fine, great even, sometimes.
CJ: So there’s no chance of you firing her then?
J: Not at the moment . . . why?
CJ: Charlie didn’t help you pick her by any chance, did he?
J: Yes, I-
CJ: I knew it! The little-
J: Is something going on here I should know about?
CJ: No, I mean, you’re really busy, I’ll go and talk to Toby. Bye! [CJ leaves his office incredibly quickly leaving Josh standing bewildered. Cut to CJ entering Toby’s office]

T: Look CJ, I’m in the middle of something here
CJ: It won’t take a minute. I have some really important news
T: Important to this?
CJ: No, not important to that but you’re gonna want to here this now!
T: It can’t wait?
CJ: No!
T: If I let you tell me now, will you go away
CJ: I promise
T: Ok [he sits down wearily with a sigh]
CJ: Charlie picked her!
T: Who?
CJ: Ya know, what’s her name, I don’t know her name, the “not Donna”!
T: What?
CJ: Charlie picked her.
T: Charlie picked her?
CJ: Charlie picked her.
T: Right! I’m gonna go talk to him [He gets up purposefully]
CJ: I knew you’d want to know
T: Get Sam
CJ: Why?
T: He’d want to know too so get Sam!
CJ: Ok!
[CJ disappears and returns with Sam as Toby stands waiting annoyed]
S: What? CJ said it was important, cause I’m really on a breakthrough here!
T: Charlie picked her!
S: Who?
T: The “not Donna”
S: He did?
CJ: He did!
S: The little – I’m gonna go talk to him!
T: We all are!
CJ: All of us?
T: Yes
CJ: Isn’t that a little childish?
S: Do not forget this is the man that crazy glued your phone!
CJ: That’s true
[The three walk along the corridor towards Charlie’s desk, they pass Leo in the corridor]
L: Where are you three going?
S: To talk to Charlie
L: Why?
S: He chose the “not Donna” for Josh
L: He did?
T: Yep
L: He’s been cheating us?
CJ: Yes, sir
L: I’m coming too

[Cut to the four of them standing around Charlie’s desk looking menacing]
C: I take it this isn’t a social call?
L: I’d say not
CJ: We want our money back
C: I’m afraid that’s not possible
CJ: Well make it possible buddy, you cheated us, we want our money back
C: I did not cheat you
T: I think you’ll find you did. You picked her!
C: I did
S: This was not mentioned when we agreed to the bet
C: Well you obviously didn’t read the small print!
T: What small print?
C: On the bottom of the sign up sheet
L: There was a sign up sheet?
C: Yes, there was
CJ: I never saw it
S: Me neither
C: No, you didn’t, that was because I signed your bet up for you
L: So how were we supposed to read the small print?
C: If you had asked I would have most definitely have showed you, fair’s fair.
[They all start talking at the same time]
L: Now see here
S: Fair?
CJ: I want my money back
[Josh walks in]
J: Am I disturbing something?
[They all stop dead]
C: They want their money back!
J: What . . . money?
S: It’s just a bet, nothing to worry about, now I’ve been meaning to talk to you about the thing
J: The thing?
S: Yes, you know the thing, at the place
J: Oh
[Sam begins to steer Josh away and out of the office]
C: They have been betting on how long you keep each assistant!
J: You’ve been? [Turning]
L: It’s nothing really, go talk to Sam
J: [talking to Sam] you’ve been betting? I thought everyone had been acting strange around me! [Walking down the corridor]
S: I think you’ll find that’s probably because your assistant has disappeared and you can’t really cope without her, so no one knows how to talk to you in case you shout at them
J: Oh
S: But perhaps the betting adds to it!
[They turn into Josh’s office and sit down]
J: I really need to get sorted, don’t I?
S: Yeah [He smiles gently]
[Josh leans back in his chair and brushes his hand through the back of his hair]
J: She’s not coming back is she?
S: It looks that way
J: Do you think she’s all right?
S: Well you got a note . . .
J: Yeah, the note
[FLASH BACK: Close up of Josh’s hand holding a short note]

I’m sorry to leave you like this, with
no explanation but I have to.

You’ll find someone else I’m sure. Sorry,
Donna x’

[Back to normal]
J: It’s not very satisfactory though, is it? She’s not at home and she’s left no indication of where she has gone, her friends don’t even seem to know where she is! That doesn’t sound like an all right situation to me!
S: You tried her mom?
J: She moved house and I don’t know where Donna put the new number
S: Ah!
J: Yes
S: She’ll be all right Josh. She’s a grown woman she can look after herself!
J: You know that’s just rubbish, anything could happen, just because you're an adult, I me-
S: Look Josh if anything was seriously wrong, we’d know. She will be all right. I’m sure she will!
J: Will I though?
S: You miss her a lot?
J: Ya think? And it’s not just that, I need her here! Yes, my new assistant is good, but it’s not the same!
S: Well at least, I mean, it’s not as if-
J: It’s not as if what?
S: It’s not as if you love her or anything, you’ve got Amy
J: [Pause] Yeah . . . Yeah. You’re right. I’ll be ok!
S: By the way, how is Amy?
J: Amy? Oh Amy. I . . . I haven’t seen her for a while. I’m seeing her. Er . . . [He flicks through a planner] On the 15th
S: (With a slight smile) you do know that’s today, don’t you?
J: What? DONNA!
[Sam turns to look at him worriedly. Josh sinks his head into his hand brushing his hand round the back of his head again. Then looks up at Sam a little hopelessly]

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