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HP fic - 3rd place drabble :o)

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A Lucky Kind of Guy

Most people would say Harry Potter was a lucky kind of guy. He wasn’t the best at everything, with Hermione Granger as a friend, how could he be? But he was average at most things and better than average at a lot of things. But sometimes even the most talented of people need a bit of luck with one thing in particular.

And for Harry it was clear what this one thing was. Love. Harry has not been the luckiest of guys in the love department. Some people had thought he’d get together with Hermione. But it was soon clear that there was only one person for her and that was Ron (and although he is my brother, and so I can't quite see the attraction, - he is kinda funny I suppose - everyone can see they are perfect for each other so I hope they will get their act together soon or I will despair of them forever). Then of course there was his relationship with Cho and what car-wreck that was! Not surprisingly really - as it didn’t begin from a good place. Not the place that Harry was in at any rate.

But finally his luck has changed. Detention, for once, had a good aftermath - for in missing Quidditch he gained something better. Me. I certainly count myself as pretty lucky; finally gaining what I’d been wishing for all these years. Of course it might not last for long, it probably won’t, but I’m going to treasure every minute of it for as long as I can! Maybe we’ve all finally got all the luck we need. Maybe now we’ll all be happy forever . . . well, to be honest it’s not likely, we never stay totally happy for long. But for the moment, at least, we are the luckiest people in the world.
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