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Week 7 Winning PotO Drabble - hee! :o)

Forever Waiting

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A cascade of pinks and red shot up into the air; sparkling and shimmering into the deep moonlight blue of the midnight sky. Again and again they rose and fell, each time reaching just a little higher.

They stood together; arm in arm; just watching; neither made a sound. His strong arms encircled hers; guarded her; kept her safe, kept her warm.

Together they remembered all the nights they had shared, and looked towards the future nights - full of pure, beautiful, untouchable love.

In the shadows lurked another; a single rose clasped in his hand. A rose, just like every other; like the one She had dropped so long ago. In the shadows He stayed, for always and eternity. He knew he was no longer needed but it made no difference; at this moment She was happy - that was all He needed to know, but still, happiness might not last forever. And so He was to stay, in the shadows concealed, always watching; always waiting. Just in case, yes, just in case She ever needed His help, His arms, His comfort.

They kissed in the moonlight, unaware of His gaze. They loved and were happy; thinking they were alone. But alone was something they never could be.

Though the fireworks danced in the midnight sky; lighting the earth, lighting their faces. Still, in the shadows He stayed, just in case. In the shadows He stayed forever watching, forever waiting, for a time when She might need him once again. He waited and waited, but that time never came.
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That's really good! I like your use of repetition, it creates a nice rhythm and a unique-ness of the piece. A well deserved win! :D
Thanks *hugs* :D I'm actually starting to like this more. It sounds better re-reading it then when I orginally wrote it.

Plus I have to say I so totally love your icon. I know you've been using it a lot. But it rocks! :D
Thanks, I love it! After all the HBP H/G-ness I can't seem to stop using it! I think the Ginny manip is very well done, and now the words on it are actually true! Woohoo!
Woohoo, indeedy!
Hmmmmmmmmm i didnt realise you wrote other fics. This is phantom of the Opera right??
I love the soundtrack *sigh*
Yeah, this was the first contest one I joined and then I joined the Harry Potter one. But I might stop with the Phantom now and concentrate in the HP contest and my own West Wing which is being severly neglected! :o) Sorry!