Becky (its_magic_3) wrote in magicalness,

Episode 1 - Scene 4

Scene 4


[Josh waits outside the Oval Office. Charlie comes out]
C: You can go in now
J: Thanks Charlie
[Josh enters the Oval Office. POTUS stands facing his desk, his back to Josh]
J: Mr President?
[POTUS turns and takes off his glasses]
P: Ah, Josh
J: You wanted to see me Sir?
P: Yes, sit down Josh
J: Thank you Sir [They both sit]
P: How are you feeling?
J: Mr President?
P: It’s a simple question
J: I’m ok thank you, Sir
P: Josh, you don’t have to lie to me
J: I wasn’t lying! I’m Ok
P: Josh, I have been alive a lot longer than you and I can tell when people are ok and when people are just saying they are ok.
J: I’M OK! Seriously!
[POTUS stares at him]
Well . . . I might be a little tired . . . but-
P: Well that’s more like it
J: Sir, I’m fi-
P: Take a holiday Josh
J: With all due respect I don’t need a-
P: Take a holiday!
J: Yes Sir
P: You work in the West Wing Josh
J: I . . . know . . . Sir
P: We can’t have people in the West Wing not at their best
J: I said I’m fine, Sir
P: Josh, you are overly tired - body and mind and I don’t need a doctor to tell me that. A week off and you will feel significantly better, maybe not totally but enough to want to work heart and soul. I don’t want any of that moping around the house either. Do something, go somewhere, Visit your mom, I don’t care! But when you come back you will put your all into your work!
J: I always put my all-
P: I have no doubt you think you do. But I also have no doubt that half your mind is constantly thinking and worrying about Donna, and wondering how you can get her back
J: Sir, I . . .
P: You have to realise that she may never come back, and that is her choice. It is not your concern; you have to stop worrying
J: But . . . How can I Sir? She is my concern
P: No Josh, she’s not. And the sooner you realise that the better.
Josh, take a holiday!
J: Yes, Sir
P: Try and reduce it to a quarter of your mind on Donna and three quarters on work [He smiles]
J: I’ll try sir
P: You never know – she might be back sooner than you think . . . Take a holiday Josh!
J: Thank you, Sir
[He turns to walk out]

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