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Fan Fiction by its_magic_3

Becky's Fan Fiction :o)
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This is where, sometime soon, I (its_magic_3) will be posting my fanfiction and who knows what in the future! :o) At the moment there will only be the start of my 'The West Wing' series (which I have to say I planned after only watching series 1-3 and therefore some of the events now definitely wouldn't occur - some have been curbed by the fact I've now watched 1-5 - and eagerly awaiting 6 - it's all very tense!) and I might perhaps post my entries from poto_contest once each week has finished! Might take me a while to start getting stuff in here properly but thought I'd set it up anyway! :D Hmmmm, may also add my Stargate story that I began during season 6 I think as a kind of finale to the series which is now continuing forever, it seems! Not that that's a bad thing in any way! But it does cast my story somewhat redundant! :o) Not that it would ever have been used anyway, it's soooo not that good. But I like to think that the things I make up are plausible in the series. I can get past that though! :o) And continue writing I'm sure! Nothing will stop me. BWAH HA HA! :o) Just kidding! :D Right, will shut up now and get writing!

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With regards to West Wing - I probably should add that my American Political Knowledge is minimal and though I can understand it in the show I do not know enough to make up good political stories and therefore my fanfiction is mainly based on character lives with mentions of "places" and "things" :o)

Disclaimer: I own nothing except the plots and characters I have created. No copyright infringement intended.