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PotO - 3rd Place drabble! :o)

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Stand up, sit down, do this, do that. It seemed to Raoul all his life he was being ordered to do something. He was never to open his mouth, never to voice an opinion unless it was one that had been prepared for him. All he had to do was make a good impression by standing up straight, pulling his shoulders back and forcing his face into an angelic position.

When they went out he was always dressed impeccably and followed his mother about like a good little boy. When they stayed at home and entertained he obeyed her every whim. “Fetch this Raoul, fetch that.” And then quieter so only he could hear, “Sit down Raoul, pulls your stockings up, don’t slouch Raoul, don’t slurp your soup, arms off the table Raoul, don’t walk too fast. Your showing me up Raoul, don’t you want to please your father and I?” Though when he did something right he did get a pat on the head but that was all, just a pat on the head and a "Good Boy". And so it continued the whole time he was a child.

All his life had been spent looking good and acting right, following the orders of his parents; his masters. All his life he had felt somewhat like a prize hound. All his life he had felt more like a pet than a child.

It seems I am in to 3rd place at the moment but then, 3 is a magic number! :o)
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