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More Than Lucky - 1st HP fic

A HP fic I wrote for hpfic_contest thinking that the limit was 500 when it was 350 so I wrote a new one for that and thought I'd post this one here! :o) I like my actual post better because I just wrote this without any planning at all except I wanted the last lines like the english advert for insurance! It almost made me sad writing a fic with Dumbledore in! *sigh* but hey! :o) What can you do! *sob, sob* Well, here it is!

More Than Lucky

Silently they crept from the Gryffindor common room; out through the portrait of the fat lady and down the stairs; then through the corridors and out into the grounds. Of course, they should have been safely tucked into their beds but when did that ever stop them. Hidden securely under the invisibility cloak, which just barely stretched over their three growing bodies, they managed to escape detection as they crossed over to the dark shadow that was Hagrid’s hut.

The knocked quietly on the door, and when there was no reply entered cautiously. There was a slight growl from Fang but at the sound of familiar voices, he soon went back to sleep.

Their task took quite a few hours but filled them with satisfaction when they looked back at a job well done. Then just as quietly they slipped back under the cloak, out of the hut and back into Hogwarts, and to the sleep that was much needed after their exertions.

** * * * **

They woke in the morning tired but happy and walked down to the great chamber for breakfast, broad smiles spread across their faces. As they were about to enter the room, a voice boomed from behind!

“Harry, Ron, Hermione – wait a moment,” Hagrid reached the door obviously out of breath. “This morning I returned to my hut to find the whole place strewn with balloons and banners and all kinds presents. And I thought to myself the only person who knows it’s my birthday today, other then Dumbledore of course, was Harry . . .”

Professor Snape loomed up behind them. “What’s that Hagrid? Are you implying that these three students ventured out at night even though it is against the rules?” Snape sneered

“Excuse me professor, I was talking to Harry here. I know that you would never come out at night even for me. But I thought I’d just tell you that I’m very grateful to whoever did decorate my room and It made me so happy and pleased to know I had such friends . . .” Hagrid’s voice began to break.

Snape butted in again, “Well who else would have gone to such trouble for you Hagrid, I’m afraid I’m going to have to put you all on detention for the next eight we-”

“That won’t be necessary, Professor Snape,” Dumbledore interrupted, “For it was I who went down to Hagrid’s hut last night to leave him my presents and one sent by Olympe Maxime. So you see there really is no need to blame these children. I doubt you want to place me in detention,” Dumbledore chuckled.

Snape turned a very deep shade of red and swept angrily away. Dumbledore smiled at them all knowingly and walked away with Hagrid.

“That was lucky!” Ron looked incredibly pleased.

Harry watched his headmaster leave and realised Dumbledore had once again got them out of trouble, as he saw him casually slip Hagrid two expertly wrapped packages.

Harry beamed, “that was more than lucky!”

The End

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Awww! That was cute! I really, really liked that. I would have been a good entry if there was 500 words. Great job!
Aw, thanks! :D I do kind of like it but I like my other better. Don't know why. But thanks anyway :o)
I’ve started a new yahoo group called ‘WW crossovers’.
It’s a group for West Wing crossovers, so I’m looking for people to write crossover fics. So if you even kind of like the WW but have a huge passion for another fandom, please consider writing a fic and posting it in the group.

So if you have a crossover fic, any kind (tv, movie, book etc with WW) plz post it to my site. Or if you can recommend good fics to me so that I can beg the authors…
All ships welcome.

Its free for the public to view. I thought that since I was just starting up this would make it more accessible.

Thanks guys.

>> missjasadin

Sounds like a cool idea. I've never tried it before but if I have time then I'll give it a go. Does it matter what you cross it over with? Even if it's something lame but the crossover makes it amusing?

I'm just interested why did you choose to post this to me, was it because I have west wing and fan fiction as intrests? :o) But thanks for asking 'cause it sounds intersting and will be fun to write other kinds of west wing fics not just from my series.

Can I ask you a big favour. It's just I have 2 episodes of a 15 ep planned series that i'm writing and posting on here. And I didn't know if you'd read them for me and tell me what you think. Only one of my friends actually watches west wing and she says it's good but she's my best friend and she has to. And I mean other friends have liked it but then they don't know anything about west wing and therefore can only appreciate it for the story and not whether it's actually any good linked to the series. I do have to warn you though when I started planning i'd only watched 3 series, i've now seen to the end of 5 and am waiting for 6 to come out here in september. So I know things aren't so plausible as they were :o) But still I'd appreciate your view if you have time to read them :o) If not, then I understand. They're the first things posted on here called 'only a face without a name' and 'sometimes you just know'. But they're seperated by scenes. Because I write them in script form not as prose. I like it better that way for writing things like this. Obviously short pieces are usually better in prose. Ok now I've rambled on to you for ages and I don't even know you, sorry! Just ignore me if you want to :o) I shan't be very offended! :D

Ok, well, still, thanks for letting me know! :o)
Thanks. Im hoping that the WWcrossover group will work. So far theres 40 members and only 5 fics, but for 3 days I think that’s pretty good.

The crossovers can be anything, just has to have some WW. Can cross with books, tv, movies whatever.

Im not really sure how I ended up at ur LJ, ive been going everywhere trying to promote, most ppls emails and things don’t work anymore, so I find LJs are the best. Were any of ur fics posted on cause that’s prob how I got to ur LJ, sorry that I cant really remember.

Yeah id love to read ur series. Ur gonna have 15 chapters? Yay!!
Im sure it will be great.
Ive only seen seasons 1-4. Ive only recently become a fan, so ive been getting episodes from the video store. I just bought S4 cause I could only rent 1-3 and I was desperate. By the end of the week I plan to buy S5 thou, as an end of exams gift to myself. But ive read so many fics that I basically know what happens. Although most storylines I read revolve around Josh and Donna.

Okay ill be sure to check them out. And don’t worry, I completely understand the rambling :P

OMG. I just checked your profile. You have FF awards!! And ur worried your stuff might be bad. lol. i really doubt it.
ill go read now
Oops. that above message was from me.
I guessed! :o)

No, I don't have an But don't worry. I was just interested it's not important!

Ah, ok. Season 5 is really good but shocking! Can't wait for season 6 I am buying it for myself as an end of a-levels present! :o) Bit late I guess as it doesn't come out till the end of sep but who cares! I want it!