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Episode 2 - Scene 4

Scene 4
[Outside Donna’s mother’s rented house in D.C. – Josh runs up the steps and rings the doorbell. Donna’s mum answers the door and let Josh in. Cut to Josh and Donna sitting on a sofa together with cups of tea.]
D: I thought you weren’t ever going to come round
J: Sorry, I just, I don’t know, it’s [searching for the word] a little awkward somehow
D: Why?
J: I told you I loved you
D: Oh, that
J: Yes, that
D: Well it’s never been awkward before
J: I never told you I loved you before
D: But you did love me
J: [pause] I did
D: So . . .
J: So what?
D: So what’s the difference?
J: I said it – out loud. And anyway how does everyone seem to know about my love for you – it was meant to be a closely-guarded secret
D: [pause] Sometimes you just know
J: That’s what Emma said
D: We’re a clever bunch - the Moss’
J: Indeed you are
D: So what did you want to talk to me about?
J: Well we were thinking perhaps a few of us could come round next week. Just so some of the others could come and see you and you could talk to them. We all miss you . . . a lot
D: You miss me?
J: I miss you terribly
D: You can’t work without me?
J: No
D: That’s sweet
J: It’s true. Though that cousin of yours is pretty good and I don’t know, we’re actually getting a long better now I know who she is
D: I often find that’s key in a relationship – actually knowing your member of staff’s name and who they are [she smirks]
J: Well, I was distracted before
D: With good reason, and so I forgive you for misusing a member of my family
J: Good
D: So what about this party?
J: It’s not a party
D: So what about this gathering?
J: That’s more like it – if I call it a party your mother slams the door in my face and never lets me return for she feels a party could wear you out!
D: She could be right
J: You don’t want to have it?
D: I can cope with being worn out – with a good reason
J: And this is a good reason?
D: Seeing friends is always a good reason
J: And seeing me? [He smiles a cheeky grin]
D: And seeing you
J: I knew it
D: So when is it going to be?
J: I talked to your mother about Thursday?
D: Sounds ok to me
J: It’s settled then
D: You’ll come round again before?
J: I’m not sure I can, we’re very busy
D: Of course, don’t worry
J: I’ll ring
D: Good
J: And if I have some spare time
D: But really don’t worry if you can’t. I’ll see you on Thursday
J: You will
D: I can’t wait
J: Me neither
D: [yawns] God, I’m tired
J: I should go
D: You don’t have to
J: I should, your mother keeps popping her head around the door and giving me evil looks. I said I’d only stay a few minutes.
D: Ok, it’s been wonderful seeing you
J: I will come again if I can
D: But only if you can, promise?
J: I promise
D: Ok
J: I do love you
D: I know
J: Forever
D: Good [she smiles]
J: I’ll see you on Thursday if not before
D: I’ll be here [she laughs] I’m always here
J: It’s good to know, I don’t want you leaving me again
D: Never
J: Do you promise?
D: I promise never to leave you
J: Now that’s what I like to hear! [They both smile]
MM: Didn’t I hear you say you were leaving
J: Yes, Mrs Moss, I’m leaving right now
D: She does have a name you know
J: I know but I can’t bring myself to call her anything other than Mrs Moss
D: [laughs] Ok
J: I really had better go before she eats me
D: She’s really not that bad
J: I’m sure she’s not
D: She’s been really great these past few months anyway. Getting this house, taking care of me. It must be hard for her
J: Sounds like heaven to me
D: Now that’s just corny
J: It is, yes, very corny – I can hardly believe I said it but it’s also very true
D: [extremely quietly with a laugh] God I love you
J: What was that?
D: Nothing
J: I thought I heard-
D: I didn’t say anything
J: [suspiciously] Ok, but it better not have been anything bad about me
D: It wasn’t, trust me!
J: Ok
MM: I can still hear you!
D: You really better go
J: Yes, I will
D: Now
J: I’m going
D: You’re really not
J: I am
D: Go then
J: Ok, I’ll see you Thursday or before
D: Go!
J: Ok [he opens the door and begins to walk out then turns to smile] bye
D: Bye [she smiles to herself and buries her face in a pillow as she hears the front door close]

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