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Episode 2 - Scene 3

Scene 3

[Two weeks later in Josh’s office. Emma walks straight in]
E: Josh, now I was thinking-
J: Do you EVER knock?
E: Errr, no?
J: You are as bad as Donna
E: Well you love Donna so how am I meant to consider that a bad thing?
J: Well . . . you . . . I can think of nothing witty or amusing with which to respond. And so I am going to remain silent however much it pains me to do so.
E: Right. Well, do you want to hear what I was going to say?
J: It depends on . . . [pause]
E: Ok, I’m taking it by the lack of ending to that sentence that you wanted to say yes. [She looks at him and there is still no response so she continues] I’ve been talking to other people and they really want to do something to show Donna that they care. And well Donna wants to see people so why don’t we do a little party thing?
J: A little party thing?
E: C’mon you know that’s what you’d call it
J: Well maybe I would, and maybe I wouldn’t
E: You’re just trying to look clever now after your poor beginning to this conversation
J: Well maybe I am and maybe I’m not
E: You are
J: I am
E: Right, now you’ve got that out of the way let’s continue. Donna, party, yes?
J: Do you really think Donna will be up to it?
E: Well she seemed ok last time I saw her, I don’t mean anything big just senior staff and their assistants, that kind of thing? I mean she said she was ok . . . When you last saw her didn’t you think she looked ok?
J: When I last saw her she was telling me she had cancer
E: And you were telling her you loved her
J: Yes, that’s right – thanks for pointing that out
E: And you haven’t seen her again
J: Erm . . . no, I rang her
E: That’s not the same. [Pause] Now, I’m guessing this has more to do with the loving than the cancer
J: [pause] Let’s say you’re right for the sake of this conversation, what would you say next?
E: I told you she loves you - you love her. Now why aren’t you round there every second of every day?
J: I have to work
E: Stop being pathetic, every second of every day that you are not working!
J: But she didn’t . . .
E: She didn’t what?
J: Nothing, it doesn’t matter
E: Trust me, it matters, what?
J: It’s nothing it’s just / she didn’t
E: She didn’t say she loved you
J: Well, no
E: Look, I told you, she does!
J: You don’t know that!
E: I do
J: You don’t
E: I DO!
J: How do you?
E: Sometimes you just know!
[Pause] Now look, I’m leaving. Call her. Go round. Be nice. Suggest party. Stop worrying. Ok?
J: Ok. You know, you’re really not so bad
E: Shut up
J: Shutting up
E: Good
J: Good
E: I’m going
J: Go
E: Fine [she starts to leave, she just reaches the door]
J: You know what? If I marry Donna we would be related
E: Oh God!
J: Just think about that, long and hard, before continuing to push me in the direction that you are
E: I’m leaving [she goes out of the door, and begins to close it, then her head pops back around]
E: [with cheeky grin] You really going to ask Donna to marry you? [Pause as Josh’s considers what he said] Are you? Are you? [She opens the door wide and comes one step back into the office]
J: I . . . I wish I hadn’t tried to end with a witty comment
E: Yep! Bye Cuz! [She waves and begins to close herself behind the door again]
J: [he raises his hands and eyes to the heavens] What have I started?
E: [She turns to random person passing by the door] Josh’s going to ask Donna to marry him
Passing person: Really?
E: Who knows? [Turns to Josh] Bye Josh
J: You come back in here- [she shuts the door so he shouts louder] Emma – you can’t go round telling people these things [trails off realising she is not returning] oh God, I’m talking to myself - yet again [he sinks into his chair and wearily picks up the phone. Then dials the number he now knows off my heart] Here goes . . . Hello Mrs Moss, Is Donna in? Yes I know, silly question. Yes I’ll wait.
[Cut to Emma standing the other side of the door smiling a big smile - she’s won]

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