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Episode 2 - Scene 2

Scene 2
[Josh’s office, he sits down wearily. There is a knock at the door]
J: Come in
[The door opens slightly and Sam’s head appears around it]
S: Want to talk?
J: Phergh [Josh blows noisily from his mouth] Yeah, I guess. Sit down [He waves randomly to the seat]
S: You didn’t know anything before?
J: No, unfortunately I didn’t!
S: Well at least now your mind can kind of be at rest. You do know where she is and why she’s not here!
J: Yeah, I just wish it were for another reason!
S: And at least you do know it wasn’t your fault now! Toby can stop digging at you-
J: But that’s just it! In a way it was my fault!
S: How can you possib-
J: You don’t know how I was to her then, I acted appallingly! I said things . . . but I didn’t realise . . . still they were so unfeeling! If I’d only known!
S: I’m sure you’re just imagining it worse now. She probably didn’t even notice - she would have been kind of wrapped up in her own affairs!
J: Seriously, if you’d have seen her face when I said the things I said!
S: What did you say?
J: Well it was on that day, we were really busy, and it was really tense, and she was a bit out of it, of course I understand now, but then I couldn’t. She didn’t give any reason for it so I wasn’t to know. Then she stopped paying attention . . .

J: Donna, are you even listening to me?
[Donna looks absent-mindedly out the window]
Donna??? Hello. DONNA!
D: WHAT? [She turns with a brief angry face melting to worried]
J: What? Donna, look this is very important! I honestly don’t have time to mess about. Would it kill you to listen for one second more?

[Return to Sam and Josh present time]
S: Ah
J: Yah!
S: Well I can see how that might be a little insensitive to someone with a possibly fatal illness!
J: Unfortunately there’s more . . .

J: DONNA!!!!!!! Get in here!
[Donna strides into the room]
Have you got the thing ready for me yet?
D: The thing?
J: You know, the very important thing I asked you to draft for me?
D: Oh my God! I completely forgot! I’m so sorry. I’ll do it right away!
J: You haven’t done it???
D: No I’m so-
J: What is going on Donna? Did somebody die?
D: No, I mean, but there i-
J: Well can you please work then! I’m dying here!
D: No you’re not. [She turns and begins to walk away]
J: Excuse me?
D: I’ll get it done ok! Stop yelling! [She leaves the office while Josh continues to mutter]

[Return to Josh and Sam normal time]
S: Ah, yet again I would say that probably wasn’t the best thing to tell her given the circumstances, but as you didn’t know the circumstances, she won’t blame you Josh – she never could!
J: No, maybe she won’t, but I still blame myself.
S: You’ll get over it, you always do.
J: Yep, you’re probably right. Thanks . . . you know . . . for how you’ve been while she was . . . missing . . . I really appreciate it.
S: Don’t mention it – I mean – what are friends for [He smiles] you’d do the same for me
J: I’m just saying . . . thanks [kind of awkward pause then they go to shake hands and end up in some strange manly hug thing, patting each other on the back – Emma walks in eyes in paper then looks up]
E: Oh, sorry . . . I, erm . . . shall I go away? [Sam and josh break away quickly feeling suitably awkward that their one show of slightly non-‘manly’ friendship should be witnessed]
S: No, I was just leaving anyway [he does a deep manly cough]
J: Yes, see you around [Sam leaves]
[Josh clears his throat also] So . . . you wanted to say something?
E: Sorry, I really should knock – I just thought I should give you the papers I was bringing earlier and apologise.
J: You apologise?
E: Yes, so you were unfeeling? You had reason to be. I knew it, I’ve known it all along that I would have to cope with you being . . . well, arsey seems to be the only word that springs to mind – by the loss of Donna! And so I shouldn’t have been surprised that you would be hit even worse by this news. Also I should not have been surprised that you had no idea who I was. Not many people do. I mean we don’t look alike. So how would you know that Donna and I were related? I mean, it’s a little odd to tell you the truth that I have her job. More than odd, it’s freaky. Obviously there are some things than run in the family!
J: Freaky?
E: What?
J: I can’t believe you used that word [he laughs]
E: It’s good to see you smile [she smiles] I can see why Donna likes you. But don’t worry I’m not getting ideas!
J: I know, you have your sights on another and seem to have pretty much bagged him
E: Excuse me?
J: I saw you and Charlie – and in the West Wing of all places. You aught to be ashamed of yourselves!
E: Hey! [She hits him with the papers] you know you’d have done it if you were given half the chance with Donna.
J: Can I ask you a question?
E: [taking a long time over the word] Yes
J: How do you know SO much about me? And my well guarded secret love of Donna – which may or may not be true
E: I can read you like a book.
[Josh looks at her incredulously]
Ok, ok, CJ told me. Well actually, pretty much everyone told me! It seems your well guarded secret is not so secret. And don’t kid yourself - if we all know it’s true – you know it’s true. Then she damn well knows it’s true
J: Well if she didn’t before, she does now.
E: What do you mean?
J: I told her
E: You told her?
J: Yep
E: Ooooh, what did she say?
J: She said she knew
E: Told you [she grins]
J: Not very helpful though is it
E: What?
J: Just knowing
E: Helpful to her or helpful to you?
J: To me, mainly
E: You’re a selfish guy
J: Yep, mainly
E: Well then
J: Well then what?
E: Well then, what happens next?
J: With what?
E: With WHAT? With you and Donna what!
J: You know that just doesn’t make sense [he smirks]
E: Oh, go away
J: I can’t. This is my office, you go away
E: No, you haven’t answered my question
J: Which one?
E: You are insufferable you know that
J: I think you lived in England for too long
E: I think you’ve been without a woman for too long
J: You can say that again
E: I think you’ve been without a woman for too long
J: Funny girl!
E: So?
J: So . . .
E: Oh, for God’s sake. If you don’t answer my question soon, I’m just going to go.
J: Go then
E: And I’m taking Donna’s phone number with me [she starts to leave]
J: Hey, I didn’t mean it
E: Oh, I know when I’m not wanted
J: Oh but you are wanted
[She looks at him – obviously wanting more]
Needed even! A vital part of my work. The best assistant I’ve ever had.
E: Now I know that’s just not true!
J: Ok so I was exaggerating . . . a little. Second best. Will you give me the number . . . please?
E: You going to phone her?
J: Of course I’m going to phone her
E: What you going to say?
J: I bet you were that kind of child who always wanted to know everything
E: Yep!
J: The kind of child that forces their parents into an early grave [Her face falls] Sorry, sorry. I know, I haven’t forgotten. Well, I temporarily forgot obviously otherwise I wouldn’t have said it but I do remember and I will not open my mouth again without thinking for the rest of my life. Just don’t look at me like that. You remind me of Donna when you look like that and it is not an expression I like.
E: It’s ok [she gives a half smile] I should be getting on
[He takes her hand]
J: I really truly am sorry. For everything
E: I know [she gives a proper smile and squeezes his hand, then turns to go]
E: Josh . . . she does love you
J: Now how would you know that?
E: I know.
J: Without even seeing her?
E: Without even seeing her.
J: Without being told?
E: Without being told
J: You just know.
E: I just know.

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