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Episode 2 - Sometimes You Just Know - Scene 1

Scene 1 – Continues straight from previous ep
[Josh walks back from the fountain in the snow, enters the West Wing. He walks through to his office attracting the attention of Emma and closes the door, the camera stops on her. She drops the papers in her hands and run to his office opening the door and entering without knocking. It is clear that true realisation has just hit Josh, he is distraught and close to tears, he knows the one he loves could die. Emma had entered smiling but at the sight of him she rushes to him, worriedly]

E: Josh, what’s the matter, are you alright? Can I get you anything?
J: She’s . . . [He tries to control himself]
E: Is this about Donna? [She looks distressed]
J: She’s got cancer [He looks blankly out, Emma springs up]
E: Donna? [Shocked pause] Donna . . . has cancer? [Tears begin to prick her eyes. Josh looks at her surprised]
J: Do you even know who she is? [He is somewhat annoyed at this show of affection from someone who has probably never met Donna in her life]
E: Do I? [Shocked, annoyed pause] Do you even know who I am?
J: I . . .?
E: Do you even know my name?
J: Emma?
E: What’s my second name?
J: I . . . Look, I don’t know, alright! Does it even matter?
E: You! I can’t believe . . . It’s all about you isn’t it. You don’t care for anyone but yourself! Do you even care about Donna? [Josh tries to protest] You care that she’s ill because you love her, you need her, and if she dies she’ll be taken away from you. You don’t even think about anyone else it might be affecting, her friends, family . . . [Her voice falters] If she dies, I . . . [She storms out of the office]
[Camera cuts back to Josh, he looks puzzled, then starts rummaging through papers, he locates what he’s looking for. Camera closes up on the name ‘Emmeline Moss’, with a big close up on ‘Moss’. Josh rushes out from the office, they stand opposite at either side of the corridor, she has tears streaked down her face]
E: She’s my . . . [she can’t continue]
J: I know, I’m sorry
E: I . . . I’ve been working here for nearly two months, doing everything you ask and doing it well I might add, I’ve ignored your low spirits and your snide comments, and you still didn’t even take the time to find out who I was!
J: I’m . . . sorry about that too
E: How could you tell me that my cousin has a fatal illness like that? You want to know something about me. My parents are both dead! All my family is dead. If she dies . . .
J: I didn’t know
E: Damn right, you didn’t know!
[CJ comes in closer from her office looking gob smacked]
CJ: Excuse me, but did you say Donna has a fatal illness?
[Other staffers begin to gather - Josh turns to them. Emma storms off in the direction of Charlie’s desk - Camera follows her. Charlie looks up as she enters, and stands as he sees her tear stricken face]
C: What’s wro – Are you ok? Do you need help?
E: Josh has seen Donna
C: That’s great! Isn’t it?
E: Charlie, She . . . She has . . . She has . . . [she musters the courage] she has cancer!
C: She . . . what?
[Emma nods, her takes her in his arms and hugs her close and she begins to sob. Cut to Josh]
J: Look everyone, can you please stop talking. Get everyone to assemble in the mess room, 15 minutes tops. I’ll talk to everyone then, but until then please stop gossiping, I don’t want anyone getting the wrong idea!
CJ: (aside to Josh) Cause asking them not to do it is really gonna help! Next time I’m in the Press Room with a top story that could ruin us, I’ll give it to them but ask them not to talk about it! I’m sure it’ll work
J: This is not the time to joke CJ
CJ: So it is serious? [She tries to read his expression]
J: Yeah
CJ: So?
J: I’ll tell you with the others
CJ: No Josh, you’ll tell me now, we have 15 minutes!
J: Ok, come inside
[They both go into his office and the door closes. Back to Charlie and Emma. They are both sitting and she seems to have calmed down considerably, though her voice is still shaky, she is sipping a cup of tea]
E: Thanks [she raises the cup] This is good
C: You’re welcome [He smiles] so you don’t know anything?
E: No, Josh didn’t say. Just that she has cancer, I started getting worked up after that. He’s taking it pretty bad. I really didn’t help!
C: He can’t blame you for the way you reacted, if he had any sense he should have known
E: Well he’s been a bit distracted all the while I’ve worked for him! Women, who needs them? [She tries to laugh]
C: Yeah [He smiles]
E: Charlie, do you have a girlfriend? [She keeps her head down then loos up] Oh my God, I can’t believe I just asked that. I think I must be in shock. I’m sorry. I don’t know what came over me. It’s just Donna, and then you were being so nice, but-
C: Don’t worry . . . I . . . Well you see . . . well I’ve had a few girlfriends recently, nothing serious, none that lasted. But before . . . I was going out with the President’s daughter Zoey
E: Oh! Oooooh, I . . . I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have asked, It’s none of my business. I’ll go [She turns and begins to leave, but he catches her arm and kisses her. Josh walks in, sees them smiles, and walks off. Cut to the mess room. Large amounts of staffers have arrived and are talking animatedly. Josh walks in and a hush breaks over the room. He takes a big breath to calm himself]


J: Right so you’re all here to finally find out what happened to Donna. I have no doubt that word has spread already about a little conversation between me and my assistant - who is Donna’s cousin by the way in case everybody else was as unaware as me. Just over 3 months ago Donna was diagnosed with Cancer

[A rustle of speech flows over the room, close up on shocked faces, Sam and Toby together, Leo – who promptly leaves the room, other random people. CJ looks over the room gauging response. Cut to Leo entering the Oval Office]

L: Mr President, Sir?
P: Yes Leo, you look pale, has something happened?
L: Sir, it’s Donna
P: Oh, So she’s resurfaced then?
L: Yes, Mr President this is hard to say, but Josh has just announced-
P: That she has cancer?
L: You knew?
P: She came and told me before she left. I was the only one other than her parents who was told. None of the rest of her family knew. She swore me to secrecy Leo. I couldn’t even tell you. I’m sorry
L: That’s fine, I mean, it was her call. But personally I would have needed my friends for support
P: Well that’s you Leo, but Donna works differently, as every person does
L: Do you know sir, is she going to be ok? I left before Josh had said much
P: Well no one can really know as yet. But the results so far are encouraging. How does Josh seem to have taken it?
L: He’s calmly addressing the crowd, but from all accounts he wasn’t so collected earlier
P: It’s going to be a tough one Leo, it really is
[Cut back to Josh talking to the staffers, Charlie and Emma have joined their place at the side in the middle]
J: Well that’s all I know at the moment. Donna is staying with her Mom, in a house her parents are renting, and I’m sure she would appreciate a phone-call, or even a visit, but please phone first - we all know what it’s like to have to see people when we are ill. So if you come to me later if you want . . . [then a little quieter] damn, I forgot to get the new number off her, ok well
E: I have it [She calls out from the crowd her looks to her]
J: You have it? [A warning note had sounded in his voice, Charlie tightened his grip on Emma’s hand, but Josh checked himself and turned back to the crowd]
J: Ok, So if anyone wants the number, come to my office later. For now go back to work.
[He wearily moves away and begins back to his office, Sam looks to Toby who nods, and then follows Josh]

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