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Episode 1 - Scene 7

Scene 7

[Donna stands staring into the big fountain, a single tear on her cheek, which she wipes away as she turns at the sound of Josh’s voice]

J: Donna, what’s going on? You’ve been missing for 3 months!
D: I have not been missing, missing implies tha-
J: Ok. Gone then! I’ve been worried sick about you!
D: You shouldn’t have worried
J: I know [He smiles] everybody’s been telling me that you’re a grown woman and you can take care of yourself
D: Did you listen?
J: No, not really
D: Josh, there’s something I have to tell you, Can we sit down?
J: Sure. I’m taking from the fact I have to sit down that this is serious, I mean If you think that I migh-
D: (with desperation) Josh, please!
J: Sorry
D: 3 months ago I was diagnosed with cancer
[Josh looks completely stunned and lost]

[Cut to the west wing. CJ standing at Charlie’s desk]
C: You know I’m not gonna give that money back
CJ: I can hope
C: It’s not my fault that you all underestimated Emma
CJ: Who?
C: See you don’t even know what her name is!
CJ: I do . . . its . . . [She mumbles] . . . not Donna
C: Exactly. If you had looked at the name you might have known
[He hands her a piece of paper]
CJ: Who ever calls their child Emmeline?
C: Look at the second name
CJ: Moss? Donna’s got a sister?
C: Donna has no sister by the name of Emmeline Moss, but she does have a cousin!
CJ: A cousin?
C: You know her dad’s brother’s daughter
CJ: A cousin?
C: You want me to explain again
CJ: No
C: Well then
CJ: Donna never said anything about having a cousin who worked at this level
C: That’s probably because her father and Emma’s father fell out when they moved to England 12 years ago when her mother died, then 3 months ago Emma’s father also died and she moved back here. Josh asked me to look and I found her and thought she could be just the thing!
CJ: You were right!
C: Yes, I was
CJ: You still cheated us
C: You could have found out if you had wanted to
CJ: Is she nice?
C: Yeah
CJ: Is she like Donna?
C: Sometimes scarily so, others not at all
CJ: Doesn’t look like her though
C: No
CJ: She’s very young
C: 21, I guess that’s young
CJ: Does Josh know?
C: I doubt it
CJ: What about Donna?
C: Hmmm let me think about that. I don’t know, I’ll ask her next time I see her, though that may be a while as I don’t happen to know where she is at the moment, do you?
CJ: Point taken. [Pause, throughout the next paragraph Charlie watches CJ as she talks mainly to herself, trailing off and starting again as if working something out] Have you seen Josh recently? He snuck out about 20 minutes ago and I haven’t seen him since. I . . . the woman that came to see him, that was over half an hour . . . She was wearing a big coat, you couldn’t see her face? I . . . wonder [CJ looks out towards the open door, with a puzzled look on her face]

[Cut back to fountain scene]
D: So now I’m on Chemo and it seems to be going ok. I get tired and sick sometimes really badly, but I’m coping
[She pauses thinking Josh will speak]
Josh? Josh? Are you even listening?
J: You . . . have cancer?
D: Yes Josh
J: Why didn’t you tell me before?
D: Well sometimes I wanted to, but then I didn’t want to unnecessarily worry you till I knew what was happening, till I was in control. Something like this could have affected your work when you needed to be level-headed
J: No. You can always tell be things
D: That would have been thinking about me, and not about you and the country. That’s not fair
J: Not fair? But . . . you . . . There’s nothing wrong with me Donna! You can think of yourself when something like this happens!
D: I came to see you now, didn’t I?
J: I wish you had told me before
[He smiles and takes he hand in a friendly gesture]
Then I could have been there for you instead of feeling this helpless
D: You’re here now, that’s all that matters
J: Does this mean, you’re gonna be off work for a while?
D: I don’t know, I’m thinking of coming back, not full time, not yet anyway, but at least twice a week, except when I’m on chemo
J: God, I’m so glad, even if it’s just for a day. The woman I have now. She’s . . . [He makes an exasperated gesture] . . . I mean she’s good. But she’s . . .
D: Not me? [She laughs]
J: Not you . . . I’ve missed you, ya know
D: How could you not? I’m a very missable person [She smiles]
J: No, seriously Donna
[They smile at each other]
D: I better be off. Mom worries if I don’t get home by a certain time. She’s afraid I’ll collapse somewhere and no one will ever find me!
J: Is that likely to happen?
D: Josh, I was joking?
J: I meant the collapsing
D: I have been known to feel a little faint
J: God, now I’ll be worried it happening
D: Josh [She hits him gently, smiling] [pause – they go serious again] You’ll tell everyone at work?
J: Sure, if that’s what you want
D: I do. But . . . The President knows by the way [She skims quickly over these last words]
J: What? You tell the President but not me?
D: He is the President Josh
J: Still
D: I had to go to someone, to make sure they’d keep an eye on you while I was gone. And I had to get sick leave somehow and I wasn’t telling you so-
J: It all comes down to money
D: Doesn’t it always! [Pause] I’m leaving now
[She gets up and begins to walk off. It’s beginning to snow]
J: Donna, wait! There’s something you need to know
[She turns back]
I love you
D: I know you do [She smiles]
J: And?
D: Merry Christmas Josh! [She turns and begins to walk off smiling hugely]
J: Donna! . . . DONNA! You can’t just leave me here like this! . . . It’s freezing! [She has disappeared out of sight] I should go. Oh God. She’s gone and I’m standing here talking to myself in the middle of a public area! I’m going to go back to the office!

[He looks both ways shiftily, puts his arms around himself for warmth and walks off]

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This is really good! See, I finally got around to reading it! The character key has really helped...
You read it?????????? :D <---- me! :D <------ me again! Glad you liked it and the key helped! :o)
Okay, i actually had read that before.
Donna had cancer :(
I like that Charlie brought in Donna's cousin as the temp.

Will you write a sequel?? Cause id like to see the others reactions and with Donna coming back only part time, her cousin could stay. Id like to see her interact with Josh, once he knew that she was D's cousin.

Great work. Keep writing.
And remember if you ever feel like writing a crossover fic.... :P
Okay, ill stop harassing you now.
There is a sequel posted already - and like I said there will be at least 13 more eventually! If I actually ever manage to start writing again! :o) And I loved writing there interaction. Is it pathetic that I make myself laugh writing? I think it is. But then at least if no one else likes it I do and therefore it will always have been worth writing! :o)

And I don't see it as harassment - it was really great thank you! Very mush appreciated and you've been really nice! :o) Sorry for replying to everything you wrote too! :o) Do you mind if I add you to my friends list, it's just you seem really nice and I looked at your journal and you talk about west wing and stuff quite a lot and well - sounds cool! And I'd love to read some of your fics. But if you don't want me to, I perfectly understand! :o)