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Episode 1 - Scene 6

Scene 6

3 WEEKS LATER – (a week before Christmas, there is snow on the ground)

[Josh’s office. Josh wipes his eyes as if tired and runs his hands through the back of his hair – looks at a clock – you get the picture that it has been a long day. ND puts her head round the door. ND has long brown hair and blue eyes, average height – in her heels, fairly young]

ND: Josh?
J: I’m busy [He doesn’t look up]
ND: I know, but there’s someone here to see you
J: (Exasperated) Do they have an appointment?
ND: No, but you rea-
J: I’m busy! Get them to make an appointment and come back at a time when I’m not busy!
ND: Look, you’re really gonna want to see thi-
J: DO you not understand English? [He looks straight at her] NOT NOW!!! [And back down fixedly. He hears the door close]
J: Thank God . . . Donna was never this much of a problem
D: I’m afraid actually Josh, Donna is the problem!
[Josh looks up at a familiar voice]
J: Donna . . . I mean . . . Donna? It’s really you
[She looks tired and pale and is wearing a big coat and hat shading her face]
D: It’s really me [She smiles, but it is a weary smile]
[Josh springs from behind his desk, rushes over and hugs her. She winces slightly]
J: Did I hurt you? Sorry. I’m just . . . so pleased to see you. Where have you been? Are you back for good? Who else knows you are here, I better go tell peo-
D: No one knows I’m here, no one should know. I managed to get in without anyone noticing, it’s pretty hectic out there
J: But everyone will want to see you’re all right! You are all right, aren’t you?
D: I understand this is going to be hard for you, but can all this [she waves her hands around] wait for a moment. Can we talk somewhere else? I really can’t take questions from anyone other than you . . . right now. I will tell you everything, of course I will but not here
J: Where do you want to go?
D: The fountain. I’ll go first; meet me there in about 10 minutes?
J: Ok. Anything
[She begins to leave]
Donna, you don’t know how good it is to see you
D: Oh, I think I can pretty much guess
[She smiles and goes out of the door]

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