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Episode 1 - Scene 3

Scene 3

[Amy walks into Josh’s office. He doesn’t look up]
A: J?
[He still doesn’t look up]
A: Josh, are you ok. Helloo! [She waves in his face]
[Josh sits up]
J: Amy! Sorry, I was . . . er . . . thinking
A: I can see . . . so . . . are you ready to go?
J: Amy
A: Look Josh, I’m starving
J: Amy, this can’t . . .
A: Josh?
J: This . . . I can’t go out to dinner with you
A: You didn’t go and book a meeting at the same time as our dinner plans again did you? Cause we’ve talked about this!
J: No . . . I . . . Amy, sit down
[She sits in the chair and Josh comes round and leans on the edge of the desk]
J: Look I’m really sorry
A: It’s ok. I can reschedule
J: No, Amy you don’t understand . . . I . . . don’t think I can go out with you anymore . . . I’m sorry
[Amy sits still]
J: It’s just . . . I don’t know . . . ever since . . . ever since . . .
A: Donna left
[Josh looks up at her]
J: No . . . I . . . Yes, but it’s not what you think
A: Josh, it’s exactly what I think
J: No, it isn’t, it isn’t like that - it never has been - it
A: JOSH! [Pause] You love her. It’s as simple as that
J: I don’t!
A: You do
[A silence]
J: I?
A: It’s ok Josh; I’ve been thinking the same thing for a while
J: You love Donna? [A cheeky smile spreads across his face]
A: No, Jackass! We’re not really right for each other anymore. It’s more trouble than it is worth. I always had a good time with you though!
J: We can still be friends?
A: Yeah [She smiles] Come here [They hug] so if you ever need to talk
J: I know where to find you [They smile at each other]
A: I feel better
J: Me too
A: Well I better go then [She begins to walk out of the office but then she turns back] you do love her, don’t you?
J: I? I’ve never really thought about it
A: You do love her
[Josh does the ‘what can I say?’ expression]
Don’t worry, she’ll be back
[Amy leaves. Josh sits down again]
J: I hope so

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